Ebina Medical Support Clinic Center for Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology


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■ Price List

※The prices do not include tax.
First consultation fee \3,000
Revisit consultation fee \1,000

Face Lift
Silhouette Lift (thread lift) \500,000+
Temporal Lift \500,000+
Forehead Lift \700,000+
Neck Lift \700,000+
Full Face Lift \2,000,000+
Basic Face Lift \1,500,000+
Upper Blepharoplasty \300,000+
Lower Blepharoplasty \300,000+
Rhinoplasty \50,000+
Aesthetic Surgery of the Lips \50,000+
●Operaton fee includes Labwork,EKG,X-ray and Follow-up Care.
Tummy Tuck(Abdominoplasty)
 Surgical procedure designed to flatten the abdomen by removing excess skin and fat
 Operation to absorb extra subcutaneous fat using a special catheter
Breast Augmentation
 Operation to make the breast big by the bag of silicon and the saline inserted under the pectoralis major muscle or the breast.
 The silicon gel implant to use in our center is made in Menter company. It uses the material of a recognized high quality with the best throughout the trade and is the product with the exchange system (there is a detailed rule) for the life.
Breast lift \750,000+
Breast Reduction Mammaplasty \850,000+
Mommy makeover
 Operation to perform Tammy tuck in conjunction with a chest lift (for the breast which was flabby after pregnancy delivery) and art of breast augmentation, mammy makeover.
Additional charges beside operation.
●First Consultation fee \3,000
* Fees for a special private room
(Sofa bed、Toilet、Shower room)
* Fees for a regular private room: B・25,000/day
●Anesthesia fee (General anesthesia) \100,000
●Anesthesia fee (IV Sadation) \50,000
●Anesthesia fee
(General anesthesia) ¥100,000
(Intravenous injection) ¥50,000
(Local anesthesia) ¥10,000~30,000
(Epidural anesthesia) ¥75,000

■ Cosmetic Dermatology

Pigmentation Problems
Q-Switched Ruby Laser
 It is effective in senile pigment spot, freckles, postnatal characteristics dermis melano cytosis (ADM), a congenital aza(Ota nevus or flat nevus) tattoo (tattoo).
CO2 Laser \5,000+
Photo Facial
Wash skin by light"; and to a higher-grade glittering fair skin. It improve a wide skin trouble in a mass
A stain, freckles, a ruddy face, a pore, fine wrinkles, a pimple trace are effective
The whole face \30,000
Anti-Aging Treatments
Botox (per area) \40,000+
Hyaluronic Acid \60,000+
Iontophoresis \4,630+
Iontophoresis + Facial Massage \5,139+
Chemical Peel \10,046+
Chemical Peel+Iontophoresis
( 6 times )